Getting that Tax Refund: Awesome Ways to Donate Your Money

Written By: John Tejada Published On: 4/04/18

For most people, a tax refund can mean a lot. That extra bit of money can go a long way in helping you pay the bills, whether you are an individual or a business. If you are wondering how to get the most out of your donations or get a write-off that increases your tax refund, while also allowing you to give back in a positive way, here are some awesome ways to donate. Take a look at these options to see if your generosity can help your taxes a little more this next season.

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Donate Clothing For Max Money Return

You probably have some old clothing hiding in the back of your closet. Perhaps it’s in the back of the house in a box, or maybe it’s been sitting in your dresser for years. It’s the item that you always pass over when getting dressed but tell yourself you’ll wear someday. Now could be the perfect time to get rid of it. If you take your old clothes to donate to a thrift store or designated drop-off, you can help out someone in need and get a nice refund from it.


Volunteer and Give at BB/BS

Little boys and girls need mentors and friends to look up to. When children come from broken homes and don’t have a father, mother, or big sibling, they love the company of an adult who cares. Not only can you volunteer at Big Brother Big Sister, but you can give donations to reduce your tax bill. At Big Brothers Big Sisters in Utah you can also donate clothes and other items to help kids in need.


Give to Animal Rights

Not all animals have a loving home. And when they are rescued and have to go to a shelter, it can be expensive to help maintain them. Unfortunately, many shelters have policies about how long they will keep an animal before putting it down. If you want to help prevent the death of a dog, cat, or other pet that has been abused, don’t just consider adopting one. This will help a single animal, but you can do much more by giving money to the shelter. And happily, it is also something that will take your tax refund up a notch. There’s nothing to lose by doing it and you can help save a lot of furry friends!


Nothing is more satisfying than donating your money or time to great causes and also getting more money back in your tax refund at the end of the year as a bonus. It doesn’t need to be an overwhelming choice to decide how to optimize your refund. Use any of the methods above and enjoy doing the right thing while putting extra cash in your bank account.


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