Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Skimp on Equipment

Written By: John Tejada Published On: 7/06/18

Operating a business is tough work, and there are many things you might need to consider having in the budget, one of the more important ones being business expenses. For some industries heavy equipment is not only a must, but a huge expense for companies who depend on it to make their business operational. Unfortunately, skimping on heavy equipment can be equally costly and even more dangerous. Here are some reasons why that you may want to take into consideration before making your next heavy equipment purchase.

Dysfunctional and Unstable

When you buy used heavy equipment or do not pay to keep your equipment in good repair, this can create dangerous situations for you and your employees. Heavy equipment that is rusted out may have parts that break easily under enough normal stress when being used. This could hurt the operator and others who are working around this equipment, and can cause some major legal issues.

Some Great Deal

You picked up a lot of heavy equipment for what appeared to be a pretty reasonable discount. The guy selling it offered it to you at a price you could not resist. It is now six months later, and you are still pouring money into these purchases to try to bring them up to a reliable working standard. No sooner do you get one piece of heavy equipment fixed, and something goes wrong with one of your other purchases. At this rate, you are starting to realize that you could have saved more money if you had just purchased brand new heavy equipment. In the meantime, your business operations are not able to run at full capacity which is slowing down your ability to earn money to make up for this equipment mess you now have on your hands. If you absolutely need to save a little money, here are some tips on buying used equipment.

On the Road

Learning your lesson about buying faulty heavy equipment, you decided to switch industries and get into the trucking gig. You made it a point to make sure all your trucks were top of the line and remained in excellent repair. Truck weight limits or height restrictions for example, are regulated by federal agencies. Violating any of these could cause your Seattle 18-wheeler an accident. Then the trucker or trucking company could be held accountable. Because 18-wheelers can be deadly to truckers and other drivers, it’s highly important that you invest high-quality trucks that operate in accordance to industry regulations. You will also notice that with buying new trucks, you will not have nearly as many breakdowns as when you used to purchase faulty, used heavy equipment. This will lead to overall savings in the long-run.


Heavy equipment is not an asset your company can afford to skimp on, because it almost always leads to expensive problems to do so. When the equipment is down, your business operations are not functioning at full capacity. As a result, your business is also losing time and money in the process of trying to get back to running at full capacity again.


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