Office Alternatives for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Written By: John Tejada Published On: 23/08/18

As an entrepreneur with a startup, you have probably thought about hiring someone. After all, running a business is a lot of work. You are going to need someone to help with the responsibilities of being a business owner. Another thing you probably realize is that there is more to hiring people than just simply hiring them. You may have to rent an office, and there might be other challenges for you to consider. For one thing, it might cost more than you can afford to rent office space. Fortunately, there are alternatives to office space that you can rent out.

Virtual Offices

One of the convenient alternatives to renting commercial property is a virtual office. This alternative to the office is very convenient and cost-effective. They have phone answering services and mailing services. You can also schedule meetings according to convenience. You can either decide to meet at your office or at a place that is closer to your employees.

Desk Spaces

Another alternative for commercial property is renting desk spaces. You can rent them at co-working spaces. You have the option of working at desks without reservations or reserving a desk for regular business conducting. If you decide to book a desk, you will get all of the benefits that come with a full-time office which include a headset and your own phone line.

Fully Furnished Month to Month Spaces

Another alternative is renting month to month spaces. They are fully furnished as well. Therefore, you don’t have to provide your own furnishing. Another advantage to this is that there are no lengthy contracts you have to sign.

Instead, you only have to agree to pay for the month. Then when the month is up, you can decide to leave the location. You won’t suffer any penalties from this arrangement.

These are just some of the alternatives to regular offices for entrepreneurs and startups. These are good for people who want to make it official but are not able to afford the commercial property.

They are also useful for people who want to step outside of tradition. These spaces are great alternatives that can influence creativity and productivity. For more interesting articles on best office practices and budgeting, check out our blog!

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