AMP Advance

Revenue Based Financing

Have a short term opportunity but have been turned down by your bank? Revenue Based Loans are the fastest way to get the funds you need now! If you are a new or existing business in need of capital this option is the easiest and fastest way to get qualified.

In the fast moving pace of business, AMP succeeds at matching urgency with the highest quality products offered.


Loan Amount

$5,000- $500K

Loan Term

3 to 24 months

Payment Frequency

Daily To Monthly

Interest Rate

Starting at 1% per month

Time to Funds

In As Little As 24 Hrs


  • Flexible and Customized Payment structures
  • No Pre-payment penalties.
  • Early payment discount incentives
  • Challenged credit accepted
  • Higher interest rates in some cases
  • UCC filing against businesses

Revenue Based Financing  and Invoice Factoring are Similar

AMP will advance your business a fixed percent of your future sales within 48 hours from approval. We will simply review up to 6 months of your financials. Once you qualify, AMP will provide you multiple options for you to consider and customize.

Purchase Order Financing

Do I Qualify?

If you are a newly established business at least 3 months old and grossing a minimum $4,0000 a month in sales you can get approved. This product works well for business owners with challenged credit.

How Much Will Revenue Based Funding Cost?

Rates can be expensive but this source of financing can be extremely valuable in certain growth opportunities. For well qualified applicants, rates can be competitive with unsecured bank rates with much higher approval amounts. Whatever option you choose, AMP Advance is here to help customize our products around your financial needs.

Use our revenue based loan calculator to calculate the costs of your loan today.

Who is AMP Advance?

AMP Advance is a Miami based industry leading direct funding source out of Coconut Grove, Florida. We help those who are in need of small business financing by providing web based financing options & funding solutions. Our solutions assist small business owners find matching opportunities while assisting small business owners improve their overall financial situations. AMP Advance provides small business loans, business lines of credit, accounts receivables financing, equipment financing, unsecured business loans, and revenue based loans to millions of small business owners nationwide.

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