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Working Capital Loan

Business owners nationwide know that cash is king. Operating capital is of utmost importance, being the lifeline of your as well as all businesses. Materials, expansion, repairs, inventory, marketing, or taxes. You name it, all require operating capital. Most small businesses in America utilize the cash they have on hand for everyday purchases and to keep operations running smoothly. AMP Advance can provide you with the operating capital loan so that you can do more business!


Loan Amount

From $5,000 to $500,000

Loan Term

4 to 18 months

Interest Rate

As Low As .01% Per Day

Time to Funds

In As Little As 48 Hours


  • Improve your cashflow
  • Lower costs than other unsecured products
  • No collateral required
  • Meet customer demand on large orders
  • Non-Recourse agreements available for creditworthy clientele
  • Higher cost for capital due to risk
  • Daily/ Weekly Debit Remittances
  • Shorter Term Length

What is a Working Capital Loan?

A working capital loan is a small business financing product with the purpose of paying for day-to-day business expenses. Working capital loans are intended for quick use and growth opportunities that have presented themselves. This type of small business loan are not intended for longer termed assets or investments. If you are a small business owner who experiences fluctuations in sales due to the different seasons you should utilize a working capital loan to help with balancing out the ebbs and flows of your sales.

Working Capital Finance - What is it?

Operating capital, or working capital, is cash on hand that is used for everyday operational expenses. This financing product is meant for short term expenses and not meant to be held onto long term. This product is for small business owners who do not have the adequate operating capital in their bank accounts to cover daily expenses. Operating capital loans are quick, simple, and efficient debt borrowings utilized for day to day operational expenses.

You are not alone, most companies in America do not have consistent revenues throughout the year. You may experience cyclical sales cycles, if you are a manufacturing company, your sales cycles are directly correlated with the demand of your retailers. Depending on your retailers and the seasonal nature of their businesses. In order to be able to fulfill the needs of their retailers. In order to ensure that their retailers have the proper inventory, manufactures generally see most of their production during certain seasons, building for inventory pushes and then settling and rebuilding. Once the end of the year approaches, retailers cut down purchases from manufacturers and the sole focus now is to get rid of the excess inventory which in turn reduces sales to manufacturers.

Millions of manufacturers nationwide deal with these fluctuations and require operating capital, or working capital, in order to make it through every month of the year. Working capital loans for manufacturers are generally fully repaid by the time the busy season has approached, in which financing will no longer be necessary.

The Benefits

The largest benefit seen with a working capital loan is the efficiency in which small business owners are able to secure up to $500,000. Working capital loans, or operating capital loans, are the quickest means of covering gaps in working capital expenditures. One of working capital loans' largest beneficial factors is in terms of debt financing. These small business loans help repair debt and does not require a transaction of collateral. If you own your company, you maintain control of your company, and will not have to put up collateral for this type of small business loan.

Most small business loans that are considered working capital loans are completely unsecured financing products. In situations of unsecured working capital loans, liquid assets do not need to be collateralized in order to secure the loan. Unsecured loans are generally provided to small business owners with better aggregate credit scores and secured loans tend to be focused for those with little or no credit.

Potential Drawbacks

Institutions who require collateralization to receive a working capital loans hinder the entire industry of alternative lending. We want you to keep every possession and asset in your control. AMP Advance provides working capital loans that do not require collateralization, we are in the business of increasing your sales, we are not a collections agency. Along with some collateralized programs, interest rates are sometimes elevated due to the associated risk involved with lending to small business owners with bad previous credit history. Working capital loans are sometimes associated to aggregate credit score which is the mix of personal and business credit score/history and missed payments or the occurrence of default will affect both personal and business credit score.

Who is AMP Advance?

AMP Advance is a Miami based industry leading direct funding source out of Coconut Grove, Florida. We help those who are in need of small business financing by providing web based financing options & funding solutions. Our solutions assist small business owners find matching opportunities while assisting small business owners improve their overall financial situations. AMP Advance provides small business loans, business lines of credit, accounts receivables financing, equipment financing, unsecured business loans, and revenue based loans to millions of small business owners nationwide.

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